Top 10 Fastest Trains in the World 2023

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The fastest trains in the world

Are you planning to travel on the fastest high-speed trains in the world in 2023? Today there are many high speed trains in the world which run at the speed of flight and all the facilities like flight are also available in these trains. That’s why nowadays most people prefer to travel by train.

China has the world’s largest high-speed railway network. Here we have listed the top 10 fastest high-speed trains in the world in 2023. Let’s see!

10. Haramain High Speed Railway

Haramain High Speed Railway new two trains
Speed: 300 kph/186 mph
  • Country: Saudi Arabia

The Haramain High-Speed Railway, also known as the Haramain Express, is a high-speed rail system in Saudi Arabia. It connects the two holy cities of Mecca (Makkah) and Medina (Medina) with the commercial and administrative centers of Jeddah and King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC).

The railway was built primarily to facilitate the transportation of Muslim pilgrims (Hajj and Umrah) between the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. It also serves the purpose of providing fast and efficient transportation for residents and travelers between these cities and the major commercial center of Jeddah.

The Harman High-Speed Railway is designed for high-speed travel and can reach speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour (186 mph).

Using 35 Spanish-built Talgo trains specially modified for desert operations in temperatures up to 50 Celsius, the 450-kilometre (279 mi) journey takes just two hours. The Harman High-Speed Railway is one of the fastest trains in the world in 2023.

The Railways uses modern high-speed trains equipped with advanced technology and facilities, providing a comfortable and efficient travel experience to passengers.

09. Trenitalia ETR 1000

Trenitalia ETR 1000 new
Speed: 300 kph/186 mph
  • Country: Italy

The Trenitalia ETR 1000, also known as the Frecciarossa 1000, is a high-speed train used in Italy. It is part of the Frecciarossa (Red Arrow) family of trains and is operated by Trenitalia, the Italian national railway company.

The ETR 1000 is one of Italy’s most advanced and fastest trains and is designed for high-speed travel on the Italian high-speed rail network.

The ETR 1000 is capable of reaching speeds of up to 360 kilometers per hour (224 mph). It is one of the fastest high-speed trains in Europe.

The train offers modern and comfortable interiors with different travel classes including Standard, Premium and Business. Passengers can enjoy amenities like Wi-Fi, power outlets and spacious seating areas.

The ETR 1000 operates on various high-speed rail routes in Italy, connecting Milan, Rome, Florence, Naples and other major cities. The Trenitalia ETR 1000 is one of the fastest trains in the world in 2023.

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08. KTX

KTX South Korea new
Speed: 305 kph/190 mph
  • Country: South Korea

The Korea Train Express (KTX) is a high-speed rail system of South Korea, operated by Korail. Construction of a high-speed line from Seoul to Busan began in 1992.

South Korea has rapidly expanded its network of high-speed railways, bypassing classic lines where difficult terrain made travel times slow and uneconomical.

From Seoul Station, KTX lines head to Busan and Gwangju, stopping at Seoul Station and Yongsan Station. A new line from Wonju to Gangneung was completed in December 2017 to serve the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

The current maximum operating speed of trains in regular service is 305 km/h, although the infrastructure is designed for 350 km/h. The initial rolling stock was based on Alstom’s TGV Réseau, and was partly built in Korea.

07. AVE S-103

AVE S-103 Spain new
By Kabelleger / David Gubler
Speed: 310 kph/193 mph
  • Country: Spain

The Renfe Class 103 is a high-speed train used for the AVE service and operated by RENFE, the government railway company in Spain. AVE S-103 is one of the fastest trains in the world in 2023.

Certified with a maximum speed of 350 kilometers per hour (217 mph) and a seating capacity of 404, the S-103 shares services between Spain’s two largest cities with domestic Talgo S-102 high-speed trains.

The trains were manufactured by Siemens as the second member of the company’s Velaro family. AVEs typically operate at a commercial maximum of 310 kilometers per hour. The pride of the fleet are the S-102 Talgo and S-103 “Velaro” trains, the latter being more powerful relatives of Germany’s ICE3.

In July 2006 an S-103 set a Spanish rail speed record of 404 kilometers per hour (251 mph), at the time a world record for an unmodified commercial passenger train.

AVE Class 103 entered commercial service on 22 June 2007 between Madrid and Tarragona near the temporary end of the line to Barcelona.

06. ‘Al Boraq’

Al Boraq one of the fastest high-speed trains in the world
Speed: 320 kph/199 mph
  • Country: Morocco

Al Bourq is a 320 kilometer (199 mi) high-speed rail service between Casablanca and Tangier in Morocco. The first of its kind on the African continent, it opened on 15 November 2018 after a decade of planning and construction by ONCF, Morocco’s national railway company.

The trains are named ‘Al-Borak’ after a mythological creature known to carry Islamic prophets, the service is the first phase of the country’s planned 1,500-kilometre (932-mile) high-speed network.

On the 186 km (116 mi) section from Tangier to Kenitra, trains run on a dedicated high-speed line and travel at up to 320 km/h. For the final 137 km, trains run on the upgraded main line from Kenitra to Rabat and Morocco’s most populous corridor to Casablanca.

At the time of service launch in 2018, journey time between Casablanca and Tangier dropped from 4 hours and 45 minutes to 2 hours and 10 minutes. The completion of the dedicated high-speed trackage to Casablanca will reduce journey time to 1 hour 30 minutes.

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05. JR East E5

JR East E5 one of the fastest high-speed trains in the world
By MaedaAkihiko – Own work
Speed: 320 kph/199 mph
  • Country: Japan

The E5 series and the related H5 series are Japanese Shinkansen high-speed train types manufactured by Hitachi Rail and Kawasaki Heavy Industries. This E5 series is operated by East Japan Railway Company, it was introduced on Tohoku Shinkansen services on 5 March 2011 and on Hokkaido Shinkansen services on 26 March 2016.

While most Shinkansen currently run at a maximum of 300 kilometers per hour, Japan Railways East’s E5 “bullet trains” run at up to 320 kilometers per hour on the Tohoku Shinkansen, which runs north from Tokyo.

Japan introduced the world to the new high-speed railway concept in 1964 and remains a global leader, pushing the boundaries of speed, capacity and safety on its Shinkansen lines. The E5 and H5 Series Shinkansen is one of the fastest high-speed trains in the world.

E5 series train sets were first introduced on new Hayabusa services between Tokyo and Shin-Aomori on 5 March 2011, initially running at a maximum speed of 300 km/h (186 mph). The E5 series and the related H5 series are Japanese Shinkansen high-speed train types manufactured by Hitachi Rail and Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

04. TGV

French TGV POS one of the fastest high-speed trains in the world
Speed: 320 kph/200 mph
  • Country: France

The TGV is France’s intercity high-speed rail service, operated by SNCF. SNCF worked on the high-speed rail network from 1966 to 1974 and presented the project to President Georges Pompidou who approved it.

France is the longtime holder of the world speed record for conventional trains, set at an astonishing 574.8 kilometers per hour (357 mph) on April 3, 2007. At 150 meters per second this is almost double the normally scheduled maximum speed of a Train à Grande Vitesse.

Originally designed as turbo trains powered by gas turbines, TGV prototypes evolved into electric trains with the 1973 oil crisis. In 1976 SNCF ordered 87 high-speed trains from Alstom.

Europe’s first dedicated high-speed network is still its best-known and most successful, reaching far beyond France’s borders. The TGV network in France carries approximately 110 million passengers per year.

High speed lines extend from Paris to Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nantes, Strasbourg, Lille, Brussels and London and on some routes trains run at up to 320 kilometers per hour. France’s TGV is one of the fastest high-speed trains in the world in 2023.

03. ICE3

ICE3 one of the fastest high-speed trains in the world
Speed: 330 kph/210 mph
  • Country: Germany

The ICE 3 is a family of high-speed electric multiple unit trains operated by Deutsche Bahn. It consists of several variants, known respectively as ICE 3, ICE 3M, New ICE 3 and ICE 3 Neo.

ICE 3 trains have a maximum speed of 320 km/h when traveling on high-speed rail lines, although the Class 403 can reach up to 330 km/h when traveling, on the high-speed route between Frankfurt and Cologne. Maximum speed allowed.

In addition, the ICE3 fleet operates throughout Germany and includes trains on international routes, connecting major German cities to Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels.

The design goal of the ICE 3 (Class 403) was to create a more powerful, lighter train than its predecessors. This was achieved by distributing its 16 traction motors under the entire train.

The train is certified for 330 km/h and has reached 368 km/h during testing. On regular Intercity-Express services they run at up to 300 km/h, the maximum design speed of German high-speed lines.

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02. Fuxing CR400

Fuxing CR400 one of the fastest high-speed trains in the world
Speed: 350 kph/217 mph
  • Country: China

The CR400 Fuxing is a Chinese electric high-speed train that was developed by CNR Changchun Railway Vehicle and produced by CRRC Chengdu Sifang.

China’s Fuxing trains can carry up to 1,200 passengers at speeds of up to 350 kilometers per hour. It boasts the longest network of high-speed lines in the world as well as having the fastest scheduled trains.

The CR400 “Fuxing” trains run commercially at a maximum speed of 350 kilometers per hour, but have successfully reached 420 kilometers per hour during testing. It is one of the world’s fastest conventional high-speed trains in regular service.

A statement of intent for China’s rapidly growing railway technology industry, the Fuxing trains are developed from previous generations of high-speed trains, which were based on technology imported from Europe and Japan. The fastest CR400 variants are currently deployed on the key Beijing-Shanghai-Hong Kong and Beijing-Harbin routes.

The train will also run on the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway in Indonesia from 2023, with a derivative version known as KCIC400AF or Komodo Merah or Petir Merah.

01. Shanghai Maglev

shanghai maglev is one of the top 10 fastest trains in the world
Speed: 460 kph/286 mph
  • Country: China

The Shanghai Maglev Train is a magnetic levitation train line that operates in Shanghai, China. Shanghai Maglev is the world’s first commercial high-speed maglev and has a maximum cruising speed of 431 km/h, making it the fastest public train in the world in 2023.

It is the only link in the world that currently carries passengers using magnetic levitation (maglev) instead of traditional steel wheels on steel rails. Based on German technology, maglev trains fly over elevated tracks, with powerful magnets providing an extremely smooth, friction-free ride.

At full speed, the journey takes 7 minutes and 20 seconds to cover the distance of 30 km, although in the morning and late afternoon some trains take about 50 seconds longer.

A train can reach 300 km/h in 2 minutes and 15 seconds, reaching a maximum normal operating speed of 431 km/h after 4 minutes. Using experience gained from over a decade of regular operations, China has now developed its own 600 kilometre per hour maglev trains.

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